9/19/2011      LaurieG     This woman is so amazing! She is so caring and awesome. She is my go
to advisor when I know I need to know the truth. She has advised me to buy books and is
unbelievably instrumental in me getting to where I need to be to add peace and harmony to my
life so that I can find love again. I love her, everyone should call her, she is AWESOME!   

9/19/2011      silvermngddss     Renee, thank you soooo soo much for the amazing reading! You
really helped me see my situation from a different perspective and I really think that will help
immensely! Your insight really touched me and I am super excited that it confirmed what I had
been seeing. I just strapped on those flying shoes, so bring it on! I will keep in touch for sure:)
Sending you love & light, Trish   

9/17/2011      Peace Conference     I've talked with Renee twice now and both times have been
insightful and uplifting. She provides help in more ways than one and her joy for being there to
help comes through on the call. She loves sharing her gifts and knowledge. Experience a call with
her to really understand, you'll be glad that you did!   

9/14/2011      Hannah65     Renee is an angel, she's been helping me for almost a year now, I'm a
totally different person thanks to her healing light. Renee really has an amazing gift to heal
anything you're going through or anything you want, she can make your dreams a reality. Renee
has taught me so much and made things happen that I never thought were possible. She is the
real deal and she really really wants to help....    

9/6/2011      Queen of Clarity     Renee is a fantastic healer. MAGNIFICENT!!! She took away my
physical pain today, which has been with me for over a month. She gave me specific techniques to
prevent the pain from coming back, and she explained in crystal clear terms why I was feeling the
way I have been and why I won't be feeling that way any longer. One technique alone she gave me
was worth the call. She is a superb healer, energy worker, and teacher. Beyond compare.
THANKS from the bottom of every chakra!   
Only $3.50  Per. Min.
Healing Light by Renee