How can I help you ? Let give you the insight you need
I've been psychic since early
childhood. I have visions, inner
knowing, can communicate
with higher self, spirits, and
guides. I prefer to use YOUR
guides in a read to get the
information suited for your
best interest. I'm trained in
Reiki and spiritual healing's.

I have 16 years experience
reading professionally. I am
best at energetically removing
blockages and teaching you the
tools needed to create a
beautiful future for yourself.
Welcome to Healing Light By Renee
Healing Light by Renee
Each of us have individual gifts,
I can help you find your power
and own it. I believe we all have
gifts that need to be shared, we
never stop learning, and the
school of life can be joyous if
we allow it. Let me help you
find the peace and happiness
you deserve.
Only $3.50  Per. Min.